Episode 27 - April 20, 2019

This episode of Buildings on Air: internship exploitation, rent control, housing activism, special economic zones, and more!

First up! Writer Katherine Allen takes over the host chair and talk with Adam Nathaniel Furman (@Furmadamadam) and @KeeferDunn about the recent (and welcome) wave of scrutiny aimed at exploitative labor practices in architecture, and where we go from here. Next! We chat with Melinda Bunnage and Peter Hughes, @ChicagoCityDSA activists who are working in the @LTBcoalition. Melina and Peter tell us about the fight for housing justice in Illinois (and beyond!) is shaping up. Then! We visit @AnjulieRao in our newest regular segment "The Critics Corner" (name still pending - send suggestions!), where we offer up our cool takes on the recent @frieze_magazine interview with Keller Easterling. And last but certainly not least we open up the Buildings on Air mailbag to answer listener questions about architecture with Ann Lui and Craig Reschke of @FutureFirm. DM us your questions or send them in to buildingsonair@gmail.com!