Select Architecture and Design Work

Bridgeport Roof Deck

Scope: Full Service Design, as part of Pigeon Studio
In Permitting

The flip side of the Windy City’s harsh winters is that Chicagoans make sure take full advantage of the beautiful Spring, Summer, and Fall months. This project for a private roof deck located just a few blocks away from the Pigeon Studio offices is aimed at helping our clients do just that. Currently at the end of the design phase and moving into construction soon, this project is composed of cedar slats covering an existing parapet, and a steel frame with metal mesh, cedar, and concrete block infill. The steel also supports lively sun shades to keep the heat at bay during the height of summer.

Howard Street Mixed Use

Scope: Study Project

In the neighborhood of Rogers Park, located in Chicago’s North Side, we explored the potential for a mixed-use development through this hypothetical design. Two towers, each housing residential units and artists’ studios, flank the site, lifted off the ground by clusters of columns that make it easy for pedestrians to circulate on foot. Closer to the ground, a transparent volume acts as a hall for year-round flea and farmers’ markets, and an open-air pavilion houses public events. A green plaza, wide-open to the public toward the front of the site, weaves through the pavilions into a secluded park space at the back of the site, momentarily turning this mixed-use development into a quiet getaway. 

MP Custom Made Display Booth

Scope: Conceptual Design Only, as part of Pigeon Studio

A neighborhood wordworking business needed a new display booth to display their art and goods at craft fairs and festivals across the midwest. The client needed a booth that was low-cost, modular, flexible, and easy to assemble on site. To meet these goals we developed a system and catalogue of clean details using off the shelf hardware, aluminum framing and birch panels. The offset, rounded top edge of the panels allows the client to hang heavy wood art works from hooks. An adaptable clip system for securing the panels to the frame also allows the client to put their woodworking skills towards developing unique custom panels.