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Buildings on Air is a show that demystifies architecture through wild speculation, good conversation, a healthy dose of lefty political perspective, and lots of skepticism about the 'power of design.' Each show features guests from the many different facets of the architecture world in Chicago and beyond.

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Episode 15 - Jan 6, 2018

This episode of Buildings on Air we talk technology, answer your questions about buildings, and air a talk from MASContext about John Portman.

First we talk to architect, author, professor and technologist Phil Bernstein about the challenges and opportunities automation and our digital tools have in store for architects. Check out his column at Architect’s Newspaper

Then, our regular mailbag correspondents are out of town but Bridgeport architecture super stars Nicholas Cecchi ( and Emily Handley ( step in to answer your questions about buildings! Check them out on instagram at @playitfaster and @handleyemily

Then lastly we air a talk by Charles Rice from our friends at MASContext about the legacy of John Portman. If you want to follow along with the images check out the website here:

Keefer Dunn