Episode 14 - Dec 2nd, 2017

First up, Marianela D'Aprile will discuss her article (and light up the haters) published in Common Edge titled "The Politics of Architecture Are Not a Matter of Taste." Then Steve Vance of Streetsblog Chicago and Chicago Cityscape will join the show to discuss how information can help us grapple with the forces of politics and economy in Chicago. Then we'll be joined by Paola Aguirre of Borderless Studio who will discuss the civic-action jumpstarting City Open Workshop series that she organizes in addition to her other recent work. Then as always we round out the show with the Mailbag segment where Ann Lui and Craig Reschke answer your questions about architecture. 

Featuring: Site Visit Episode 1

Buildings on Air is taking a break this month (don't worry we will be back in December!) but in lieu of our regularly scheduled program we have a special treat. You might remember Ashley Bigham and Erik Herrmann of Outpost Office from Episode 9 when they talked about their project "Another Campo Marzio." Since that episode Ashley and Erik, along with producer Matthew Shulman, have launched a new fantastic podcast called Site Visit that fans of Buildings on Air are sure to enjoy. 

We are airing Episode One of Site Visit where Erik and Ashley visit Menards with Ellie Abrons of the architecture firm T+E+A+M. If you like what you hear go subscribe to their show on iTunes and listen to Episode Two! You an also visit www.sitevisitpod.com for more information or see what Ashley and Erik are up to on isntagram @outpostoffice. Happy Listening!

Episode 13 - Oct 7th, 2017

This episode Alex Billet of Red Wedge Magazine drops by to talk about art and socialist movements, revolutionary pessimism, and other things. Then we are joined by two of Chicago's best architecture writers  Zach Mortice and Anjulie Rao who discuss some of their recent writing before we do a Chicago Architecture Biennial review. Lastly it's a very very very fun mailbag with Ann Lui and Craig Reschke.

Episode 12 / CAB Special Pt 2 - Sept 16th, 2017

This Episode!

The Architecture Lobby

Leaders, thinkers, and activists from the Architecture Lobby talk about organizing architects, how we can change the profession for the better, and what to expect from the Lobby in the coming year.

Adjustments Agency

Nick Korody and Joanna Kloppenburg discuss their recent project www.compi.city that covers the Chicago Architecture Biennial and it’s relationship to power, politics, and money. We ask, how can architects be critical of and change the nature of architecture exhibitions to use them as a force for good?

Episode 11 / CAB Special Pt 1 - Sept 14, 2017

This episode!

Karen Narefsky

Author and organizer Karen Narefsky joins us to talk about her recent article in Jacobin “What’s in my backyard” about YIMBYs and why the market can’t solve the housing crisis.

Kate Wagner

We talk with Kate Wagner, of McMansion Hell fame about large gaudy homes, the uses and abuses of classical architecture, and what these affronts to aesthetics might tell us about bigger political and economic questions.

The Mailbag

Our regular segment featuring Ann Lui and Craig Reschke of Future Firm. We’ll answer your listener questions about anything related to buildings. Send your questions to buildingsonair@gmail.com


Announcement and Studs Terkel Recess

Buildings on Air will temporarily depart from its usual schedule to have two shows in mid September. In lieu of our regularly scheduled podcast, the announcement is followed by a wonderful Studs Terkel interview with Carl Condit, Richard Nickel, and Ben Weese. Background track for the intro is Montana by Gilmore Mom.

Episode 10 - August 5th, 2017

This episode of Buildings on Air host Keefer Dunn chats with Byron Sigcho of the Pilsen Alliance on the fight against gentrification, and Sarah Rafson of Point Line Projects about CARYATIDS, a feminist architecture group working in the 90's in Chicago. Lastly, Skylar Moran subs in for our regular mailbag correspondents Ann Lui and Craig Reschke to answer your listener questions about architecture. 

Episode 9 - July 1st, 2017

This episode of Buildings on Air! First, William Emmick of Studio Gang talks to us about the firm and Bridgeport's shiny new Eleanor Street Boathouse along with Owen Lloyd, neighborhood fixture and a member of the park's advisory council. Then Piranesi meets ASCII as we are joined by Erik Herrmann and Ashley Bigham of Outpost Office who chat about their project "Another Campo Marzio" currently on display at Future Firm's Night Gallery. Lastly, Ann Lui and Craig Reschke of Future Firm join us to answer your listener questions in our monthly mailbag segment!  

Episode 8 - June 3rd, 2017

First up on this episode of Buildings on Air is Doug Spencer chatting with Keefer about his book “The Architecture of Neoliberalism: How Contemporary Architecture Became an Instrument of Control and Compliance.” Next we chat with journalist and two-time Buildings on Air guest Zach Mortice about his recent writings on the landscape architecture of the Obama Library and the preservation crisis of African-American cemeteries. Lastly, it’s the mailbag segment with Ann Lui and Craig Reschke of Future Firm who will answer your listener questions about buildings. Got a home improvement question? Send it in to buildingsonair@gmail.com!

Episode 7 - May 6th, 2017

This month's edition of Buildings on Air! First we speak with Jeffrey Roberts of New World Design to talk about his project to float flying pigs in front of the Trump tower. Next up Hamza Hasan and Shota Vashkamadze talk technology and its uses and abuses. Then it's Will Martin and Khoudia Sylla recapping this years American Institute of Architects convention with a cameo by friend of the show Skylar Morain. Last its a particularly silly mailbag with Ann Lui and Craig Reschke of Future Firm where we answer your listener questions about buildings!

Episode 6 - April 1st, 2017

This episode Keefer talks to Lynn Muller, Felipe Tendick-Matesanz and Billy Burdett about food policy and urban agriculture in the city of Chicago. Marianela D'Aprile spoke on agency and architecture, and how the profession might organize into a modern labor movement. Lastly, we open up the mailbag with Ann Lui and Craig Reschke of Future Firm and answer your listener questions!

Episode 5 - March 4th, 2017

This episode of Buildings on Air we talk about public housing, Trump's Wall and architectural activism, and then we open up the mailbag to answer listener questions. First up we are joined by writer Maya Duskmaova and Chicago Public Housing Initiative's executive director Leah Levinger for an in-depth discussion about housing policy in Chicago.  Then it's activist Carlos Roa, Dexter Walcott of the Architecture Lobby, and Gabrielle Printz of feminist architecture collaborative F-Architecture for a discussion of the real impacts of Trump's immigration policy and what architects can and are doing to organize an opposition now and moving forward. Then Ann Lui and Craig Reschke of Future Firm join us as always to answer your questions about buildings!

Episode 4 - February 4th, 2017

This episode Keefer is joined by Journalist Zach Mortice telling us about the redevelopment of the Chicago Housing Authorities Lathrope Homes. We'll also chat with architecture educators Eric Ellingsen, Leslie Johnson, and Lukasz Kowalczyk about how to talk politics in the classroom and what educators can do under Trump. Then we'll open up the mailbag to answer listener questions about architecture with Ann Lui and Craig Reschke of Future Firm. And lastly we'll talk with Priyanka Shah of the Architecture Lobby and Sarah Rafson of Architexx to talk about the architect's contingent at last weeks Women's March in DC!

Episode 3 - January 7th, 2017

This episode we open up the mailbag with Ann Lui and Craig Reschke. Then we talk about the land-ethic and alternate approaches to environmentalism with Shota Vashakmadze.

Lastly, we also have a chat looking forward to what 2017 has in store for architectural activism in a talk with Architecture Lobby co-founders Peggy Deamer and Quilian Riano.

Episode 2 - December 3rd, 2016

This episode Keefer talks with Jeff Roberts - New World Design about a proposal to obscure the Trump sign in Chicago, checks the mail bag with Craig Reschke of Future Firm, and discusses the recent statement released by the American Institute of Architects with Tom Jacobs of Architects Advocate and Katherine Darnstadt of Latent Design.