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Keefer Dunn...

teaches as a lecturer at School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Previously taught as an adjunct professor at Illinois Institute of Technology. He has led courses on alternate historiographies of Mies van der Rohe, and the Mies Crown Hall America's Prize.

works as a licensed architect on small built projects and graphic design. Alongside Ferdinand Kuznik, Keefer launched Pigeon Studio, an architecture office in Late 2017. Formerly worked at the Chicago studio of HDR Inc.

hosts a monthly radio show called "Buildings on Air" on WLPN Lumpen Radio. The show broadcasts on FM radio and as an iTunes podcast. The show primarily covers architecture and politics. Find more about the show here.

advocates for labor reform in architecture and beyond as part of the Architecture Lobby. He started the Chicago chapter of the Lobby in 2014 and presently serves the group as National Organizer.


A Response to AIA Values

Published at the Avery Review and coauthored with Peggy Deamer and Manuel Shvartzberg-Carrio of The Architecture Lobby this piece responds to the AIA's recent Statement of Values and investigates the structural failings of the American Institute of Architects.

Radical Praxis: Activism Within and Beyond Architecture

This essay discusses the limits and possibilities of radical politics in architecture in the wake of the 2016 election.

Mining Diference

Link. Originally published in the July 2014 issue of Clog entitled "Rem."
This brief essay posits that the idea of difference is the key, continuous ingredient of Rem Koolhaas thought and work.

Tafuri's Utopia... A Primer

Full text available on request. Originally published in Free Association Magazine Issue One.
This brief essay is an introduction to Tafuri's conception of Utopian thought intended for an audience not versed in Marxist epistemology.

The Clo

Full text avalialbe on request. 
This paper presents a brief social history of the Clo, a measure of thermal comfort rooted in problematic and outmoded assumption - an extension of my research interest in the ways that cultural and political forces shape present themselves as objective measures. 

The Real Devil In the White City: The Rise of Consumer Capital at the 1893 Columbian Exposition

Full text available on request. Nominated for the Schiff Critical Architectural Writing Fellowship, 2015.
This paper was written as part of year long independent-study course. It presents an architectural history of the Columbian Exposition outside of the stylistic debates that have dominated discussion of the event since 1893. Rather, it understands the event as an architecture-powered laboratory for new, indirect, methods of social control in the face of a budding progressive movement. This research is ongoing and will hopefully evolve into a book.

The Tragedy of  'The Tragedy of the Commons'

Full text avaliable on request. Originally published in Free Association Magazine Issue Two.